Gold Initial Necklace Set - KookyTwo
Gold Initial Necklace Set - KookyTwo
Gold Initial Necklace Set - KookyTwo

Gold Initial Necklace Set

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Stunning set of three gorgoesu gold initial charm necklaces, as seen on Niki Style London.

Get your layered initial look with letters that have a personal meaning to you. Could be your initials, your instagram handle or letters to represent those close to you.

Dainty gold letter charms come on three stunning different gold chains, meaning you can wear each necklace alone or layered together. .

Fabulous striking look you’ll love to wear or love to give, to be styled with any outfit from casual to formal!

Please add letter choice at checkout in "Note to Seller".

Each necklace comes with one capital letter charm.

+ Quality chains in 14k Gold Filled and charms in Gold Vermeil (24k Gold plated over Sterling Silver)
Spring clasp fastening
+ Each necklace is a different length and comes with one capital letter charm
+ Initial Size: H: 9mm W: Varies between 5mm and 8mm, depending on letter. (Note: "I" is 3mm, "J" is 4mm, "W" is 11m wide) See image for each letter.
+ Gift-ready in our stylish white KookyTwo box
+ Handmade by us in our UK studio

    Length: Measurement from end to end including the clasp.
    + 16" Satellite
    + 18" Ball
    + 20
    " Trace 

    See our size guide if unsure on length to choose.

    What is 24k Gold Vermeil?
    Genuine .925 sterling silver that has been expertly plated with a thick layer of 24k gold. It is the perfect option for those with metal allergies due to the durable thickness of the gold combined with the base of sterling silver.

    What is 14K Gold filled?
    Jewellery has 100+ times more gold than gold plated. Made of a solid layer of gold that has been heat and pressure bonded to a base metal. It has the look and feel of real gold, but is more affordable. 

    Treated with care, gold filled and gold vermeil items should stay bright and gold, lasting a lifetime.