Anklet Size Guide

We're all gorgeous and unique. Measure to find your perfect fit...

1. Use a piece of string and place around your ankle, where you would like your anklet to sit
- adjust to make it as loose/tight as you would like your anklet to be.

2. Lay string on a ruler to get the final finished length to order.
Our anklets are adjustable, please select size within correct range.

That's it, you now have the desired size to select when placing your order.

If you are unable to measure, here's our best approximate guide for sizing, and if in doubt size up:
Petite/Average ----->      8.5" to 9.5"
Larger Frame ----->      9.5" to 10.5"
Still not sure, or looking for a different size / style?
Please get in touch with us here. We love to offer a bespoke service and work with you to see if we can meet your exact needs.

Our collections are designed for you to choose jewellery suited to you and your styling needs. Across many of our collections you will find a variety of different styles. If you can’t find what you are looking for then please get in touch and we will see what we can do to help.