Ring Size Guide

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Measure to find your perfect size.
Here's two guides on how how to find your ring size.

Super simple, and totally worth it...

Option 1:
Use your own ring:

 Ring Image

1. Measure the inside diameter of your own ring
2. Take a note in MM, this is then your ring size
3. See chart below for size conversion. Compare with the INNER RING DIAMETER column
4. Eg. 18mm means Size 18
Note: If inbetween sizes it's best to round up

Option 2:
Measure your finger

1. Use a slim piece of paper and place around your finger, make sure it is not too tight or loose (you could also use a flexible measuring tape or thin string)
2. Mark where the paper overlaps.
3. Lay paper on a ruler to get the measurement in MM
4. See chart for size conversion and compare with the CIRCUMFERENCE column
Note: If inbetween sizes it's best to round up

Comparison chart and tips when taking finger measurements: 

1. Avoid measuring when cold (fingers are smaller).
2. Avoid measuring on a very hot day (fingers are larger)
3. If you have large knuckles it is best to choose a larger size
4. Please note the ring size on each hand can be different

Ring Sizes & Measurements for working out correct size
Ring Size Guide

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