Extender chain


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Make your necklace or bracelet adjustable with a custom size extender with or without clasp!

An extender is the ideal solution when you:

-> are unsure which size to order for yourself or as a gift
-> like the adjustable option so you can have fun layering with other pieces
-> want to have room for comfort with your bracelet or choker necklace

Select your length and choose from two options:

✩ Removable: with clasp the extender can be used on any of your necklaces or  bracelets. Can be purchased independently or with item.

✩ Attached: non-removable, extender will be attached to item when made. Purchase with item.

Please note the heart has been replaced with a silver ball at the end of the extender. 

If purchasing multiple items, and "note to seller" to advise on which item to add extender to.

Extender is made using sterling silver chain.