"The Coral" Gold Disc Bracelet Stack


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"The Coral" Gold Disc Bracelet Stack

KookyTwo X Coral (@stripeycoral) collaboration

Stunning gold bracelet stack featuring a gold disc and two gorgoeus gold bracelet designs, held together with a gold ring. The perfect bracelet stack for everyday or that special occasion.

Truly striking bracelet stack you'll love to wear or love to give.

+ Quality 14k gold filled
beads and disc charm
+ Stretch fit
+ Disc approximately 9mm
+ Beads range from 3mm - 8mm
+ Gift-ready in our stylish white KookyTwo box
+ Handmade by us in our UK studio
+ Bracelets are hand-crafted using strong durable elastic

+ Small: 17cm
+ Standard: 18cm (good average size)
+ Large: 19cm

14K Gold Filled jewellery is made of a solid layer of gold (14k), permanently bonded to a base metal, such as brass. It has the look and feel of real gold, but is more affordable. It is very hard wearing and under normal wear the gold will not peel or flake, unlike gold plated. Treated with care, gold filled items should stay bright and gold, lasting a lifetime.
Our collaboration story:
We met Coral virtually through Instagram, where she has kindly shown her love of KookyTwo, wearing and sharing our pieces, so we asked if we could create a new piece for Coral as part of our collaboration range.  After a fun brunch meet-up we came up with this gorgeous bracelet stack design, which Coral loved, and was excited for us to call "The Coral". We hope you love this stunning bracelet stack as much as we all do.