Mother’s Day | My Story Bracelet

Mother’s Day | My Story Bracelet

With March here, we have started thinking about Mother’s Day. Here at KookyTwo we feel that Mother’s Day may not necessarily just have to be about thanking your Mum.

Mother’s Day is there to remind us that there are people in our lives who we can turn to, have a cry on their shoulder or who are simply there to listen to us, without judging us. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to acknowledge that special woman who makes you feel welcome and secure. It might be your Mum, it might not, but all the same we feel we have the perfect gift for them.

Kooky Two have picked out the My Story bracelet as a special gift for Mother’s Day.  It was created in collaboration with Carrie of @the.thistle.edit . She was looking for a piece she could add to as her story grew as well as take memories with her wherever she went.

Each My Story bracelet will be truly unique and personal to the wearer. First you choose either a classic chain bracelet or more modern bead design to suit the recipient. Then comes the fun part…pick charms that will have special meanings, capture memories and evoke positive emotions.

The My Story bracelet is such a thoughtful gift and we feel Mother’s Day is the ideal moment to treat the amazing someone in your life who has always been there for you. So, what are you waiting for, what would their story be?


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